ROCKNA AUDIO was founded in 1999 as a quest for insightful, enjoyable, inspiring music reproduction. Since then, a remarkable evolution happened in our company which is not going to stop. Our whole team is driven by the common passion for technology. A passion which will never let us make any “me-too” products. We want to offer an option – a different one – to show that things can be done different.

What can you get from us? You get an original product, entirely made in our labs (no overseas assembly) with internal structures built literally from the scratch, avoiding as much as possible off-the-shelf solutions. Because we can’t follow the limits imposed by them. We like to think free. Below is a short history of our legacy products. We are honoured by your presence here and we invite you to enjoy the music through our devices.

  • 2013

    Rockna Wavequest DAC

    First Rockna dac using innovative fpga technology. 160 Mhz asynchronous sampling, large ram buffer, dicrete dac modules.

  • 2013

    Rockna Wavequest transport

    Memory based disc transport using fpga technology. Large ram buffer, I2S output. Reads CDs and wave files for DVDs.

    Wavequest transport
  • 2012

    Rockna Avenger power amplifier

    Push-pull class A, current feedback, lateral mosfet power amplifier 2 x 200w

    Avenger Amplifier
  • 2007

    Rockna RD-2 dac

    Super performer at ultra-low cost d/a converter. Asynchronous reclocking and trasimpedance output stage.

    Rockna RD-2 dac
  • 2005

    Rockna Fiction power amplifier

    Ultrafast all-bipolar , current feedback power amplifier 2x300w

    Fiction Amplifier
  • 2005

    Rockna Heart integrated amplifier

    Refined integrated amplifier featuring lateral mosfet, ultra-short signal path. Slim-design, encoder controlled.

    Rockna Heart Integrated Amplifier
  • 2003

    Rockna Heart preamplifier

    Class A , encoder controlled preamplifier

    Heart Preamplifier
  • 2002

    Rockna Heart cd player

    Multibit cd player with tube stage and Philips mechanism.

    Rockna Heart cd player
  • 2002

    Rockna Heart monoblocks

    Our first ever product . 120w in push-pull class A, just 2 gain stages.

    Heart monoblocks